New Orleans: Felix, Port of Call, and DBA

If you are looking for casual, inexpensive places to grab a bite to eat in NOLA, Felix and Port of Call are both great options.

Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar
If you are starving and do not want to wait in line at ACME Oyster House, you can always cross the street to Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar. It will not be as crowded as ACME, and they serve really good dishes. I liked the deliciously spicy boiled crawfish and the crawfish po-boy.

Port of Call
A menu with two main items: steaks and burgers. They have 5 house cocktails to choose from. I really liked the Goombay Punch, the hint of coconut transported me to a Caribbean island. Here you can have a filling and inexpensive meal. Their baked potato, filled with copious amounts of shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and fresh scallions, is the best I’ve ever had.

Not exactly a place to go eat, but a place to grab a drink and to enjoy live performances. Have dinner at Port of Call and then walk to Frenchman Street to see a show at DBA.

Author: onevanillabean

I have loved cooking and baking since I was 5 years old. It was the one activity that I would share with all my extended family. Like most people, I love traveling. I love visiting the markets, exploring unknown ingredients, and bringing them back home with me for inspiration. I find that recipes with simple and pure ingredients yield the best results.

6 thoughts

  1. I would not eat something that still had its eyes. Those little lobster creatures look like they are staring at you in the first picture.

    1. Lola–The first time I had crawfish I had a hard time getting the meat out of the tails because I did not want to handle them too much, they look like they are still alive.

  2. That looks seriously good to me! Love seafood generally and New Orleans is high on my list of places I’d like to see. Must be a sign!

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