Day Designer Giveaway

Black Stripes Day Designer Giveaway
Black Stripes Day Designer Giveaway

I’ve been waiting quite a while to get my hands on one of Whitney English‘s Day Designers. All my friends who have one rave about how great it is, and how it helps them to keep their lives organized.

Even now, when I think about it, all the little things that I have to keep track of become overwhelming: work duties, personal and work travel schedules, blog posts, doctor’s appointments, weekly menus, freelancing due dates, and on and on and on.

I think that as technology enables us to do more, our days are filled with even more tasks.

We are past mid-January, but you can still get organized for the rest of the year.  I allow an extra five minutes every morning  to sit down and write down my to do list for the day. I’ve been using my planner for about two weeks now, and I see myself checking off more things from my to do list.

Starting the day with a cup of coffee and my spotty dots Day Designer
Starting the day with a cup of coffee and my spotty dots Day Designer

I purchased an extra Day Designer Day Planner & Personal Daily Agenda in black stripes to give away on the blog. Right now they are completely sold out.

In order to be eligible to win:

  • Leave a comment below telling me why you need the Day Designer or share a tip that you use to stay organized.
  • Subscribe to this blog to receive notifications of new posts by email, under Email Subscription on the top right column of my blog. That way you’ll be notified of future giveaways.
  • For extra entries (optional): follow me on instagram and/or twitter and leave a separate comment below.

If you are one of those people that only has social media accounts to enter giveaways, you’ll be disqualified. This is not an opportunity for you to go resell this on ebay. I really want this to go to someone who needs it and will use it!

I will pick the winner on January 31st. I will update this post to include the name of the winner, and I will notify the winner via email. Planner will be shipped  to US address only.

Author: onevanillabean

I have loved cooking and baking since I was 5 years old. It was the one activity that I would share with all my extended family. Like most people, I love traveling. I love visiting the markets, exploring unknown ingredients, and bringing them back home with me for inspiration. I find that recipes with simple and pure ingredients yield the best results.

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  1. I could REALLY use this planner as a busy Mom of three, wife and business owner!
    Thank you for this fun giveaway! 🙂

    PS-Your desk is adorable!!!!!!!

  2. I need one of these to plan my wedding, as well as to start to get me organized! I have tried countless time to get organized but never stuck to it! I’m starting an at home business too and what better way to start with a new planner!!!

  3. I go absolutely goo goo whenever I see the Day Designer! I missed out on ordering one because I did not have my poop in a group!

    I love to use an agenda or planner to keep track of my tasks and to keep things in perspective. My best piece of organizational advice is to make to do lists with even the most basic tasks on it. I include things I know I will accomplish like shower or make dinner. This helps me to stay motivated by seeing that I have gotten some stuff done.


  4. I would LOVE to get my hands on that planner – I have been using the printouts from her website each day because they are so helpful. I especially love the gratitude box because it reminds me to think about something I’m grateful for each day. One thing I do to stay organized is go ahead and fill out the next day’s priorities before the end of the day so that I can start the day off with focus. Thanks for buying an extra!

  5. I’m a full time mom, have a part time job, & starting a photography business! I would love to have a Day Designer to keep me on track! I like to color code – pink pen for personal, purple for my daughter, black for my photography business, etc!

  6. I would love to win the day designer! My tip for srating organized is to write everything down and make tons of lists. (Which is why I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway!!)

  7. OMG, I love this and need this!!!
    I have been trying to stay organized on my iPhone, using the calendar, but it’s not very efficient or fun!!
    I’m a photographer, online fitness coach and work in the mortgage industry. I’m busy all day and trying to do so much for so many people, that this sounds like just what I need to be more productive and give myself some much needed time to myself ❤️

  8. I would love to win your little giveaway! I was totally bummed when they sold out before I could get one!! 😦 I love to stay super organized by making daily lists of things to get done and things for later so I don’t forget! 🙂 The day designer would be amazing for my little business planning too! 🙂 So… Pick me! Pick me!

  9. I would love to win this for my daughter. She got her first job and needs a planner for her busy work schedule

  10. I tried to get one of these earlier when they had a restock, but they sold out so quickly! After a family member passed away from cancer, I saw how much difference a good nurse could make in someone’s time of need. I decided to take a chance, quit my job, and go back to school so that I could be that helpful caregiver to someone one day. I’m in my first semester of nursing school and this would be an amazing tool to help me stay on track!

  11. Hi, tks a lot for the chance to this beautiful planner. I love to use because I like to see and write all the things I have to do. Xoxo

  12. I would love love love to have The Day Designer! I just finished a post bachelor certification program to be a Microbiologist at a top Cleveland facility and now I am finding that a new career might suit me better. I would love to use The Day Designer to “plan my attack” on a new career which will include shadowing, school searching and lots of financial planning. I also think The Day Designer will help me to be more mindful in my everyday actions, to be more intentional this year is my goal! Thank you for the opportunity!


  13. Love this! I’ve been trying out a few new planning “techniques,” but having multiple books or planners has been challenging. I’ve heard such good things about this one, I’d love to give it a try! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  14. I wanted one of these planners but it had already sold out! I am a homeschool mom who would to use it to plan our days and stay on top of appointments/projects. Thanks for this giveaway!

  15. I wanting a Day Designer to manage my wonderful, but chaotic home. My husband is a pastor, and we have six children. My now five-year-old triplet girls were the surprise of a lifetime. I was just adjusting to having three kids (my youngest was 12 months old) when I very unexpectedly became pregnant. With triplets. Time has flown by, and although I know how unbelievably blessss I am by my beautiful family, I have never gotten a handle on time management, organization, and scheduling. I am tired of living day to day, neglecting so many areas (like housework and personal growth). I want to make goals, plan, and conquer each day with purpose! I have just started using the free download page from Day Designer, and I know this is a tool that can set me in the right path.

  16. I don’t think my first comment went through, so just in case: I would love to win the Day Designer! My organizational tip is to write down everything and make tons of lists. (Which is why I would love to win!!)

  17. I go absolutely goo goo for the Day Designer Planner! I missed out on ordering one this year because I didn’t get my poop in a group! Oops!

    I would use my planner to keep me on track and help me accomplish my goals as a soon-to-be graduate!

    My best piece of organizational advice is to make to do lists of everything! I put even the most basic tasks down that I know I will accomplish. This includes stuff like make dinner and go to class. This keeps me motivated because I see that I have accomplished some things on my list! The Day Designer Planner is set up perfectly for to do lists!

    Thanks and fingers crossed!

  18. I have been searching high and low for the perfect planner for my busy life as a full time student, working full time & newly full time mom! Balancing work and motherhood is already a beautiful challenge but throwing in a full time student in the mix makes it that much more of challenge! Trying to keep up with work hours, school assignments, baby’s upcoming doctors appointments, & the things she needs is becoming more overwhelming everyday without a proper planner. This Day Designer will definitely help me become more organized, a super mom, a stellar student & employee! 🙏

  19. I would love this planner, I’ve heard great things about them and read all the revoews but being a single mom in her last semester of school doesn’t afford me too many luxuries. I would utilize this planner for future job prospects, school events for my little one, graduate school requirements and deadlines. I would color code my events and label then personal, professional, mommy, and school so that i am always on task.

  20. As a fashion stylist, accessory expert and TV personality I am constantly making lists that seem to never end. Starting last year I wrote my to do’s down and then circled the top 10 items that were a must! This way I ensured the most important item was done to assist in a better flow.

  21. One of the best tips I can give to keep organized is to allow time for yourself at the beginning of the week to plan your week then spend 5 mins each morning to finalize what that day will look like. I do this every Sunday & it really helps me focus on what’s going to be most important. However my planner is just a simple one from target and the day designer would help me creat and see more of my longterm goals.

  22. So I’m the oldest girl of seven children (5 boys, 2 girls) so my life is pretty unorganized already haha. I graduated from college last year and I have my first entry level job as a social media manager for a startup company. Being able to win this day designer would help me balance my work life by wiring out scheduled posts and events, my family life by writing out grocery lists and appointments for my folks, and my personal life by writing down days in free too see my old college friends. I actually wanted to but this for my birthday on the 21st but like you said they are sold out EVERYWHERE haha.

    One important tip that I learned that helps me stay organized is to “eat the crow first”! This means to get the task that youre dreading out of the way FIRST. Whether it’s going to get a quick workout in or taking out the trash, once that’s out of the way I find that I am able to accomplish more in my day and I also don’t feel so bad if I browse Instagram for 20mins =] . Wishing you a happy, healthy, and successful 2015


  23. I definitely need the Day Designer to stay on top of my tasks and organize everything in one place (it doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous and super stylish too). As I have many projects going on from opening an etsy shop while working on building a BBQ business in the south with my guy, I know the day designer will be the one thing to really help me stay focused. I also use color coding to stay organized and rank tasks from most important to least important. Fingers crossed!

  24. Because as a new mom to an 8 month old trying to figure out how to work from home- I need all the organizational help I can get! Also I’m trying to get the creative process going. Lists help me!!

  25. These planners are so beautiful!! I would looove to have one!! I teach 2nd grade and it’s almost impossible to keep track of the endless to do’s! This planner would help me stay organized!

  26. I would love the Day Designer! I am really trying to get more organized with work, college, and a social life an I love how she allows all those lists to be in one place! One tip I use is to try and use different colored pens for different things! One color for work, one for school, one for due dates, and one for social stuff!
    Christine Tully

  27. Thank you for the amazing giveaway! I am a busy stay at home mother who is always making lists and could so use a Day Designer! I would love to start a blog in 2015 and this planner could help me stay organized and on track everyday!

  28. This year I started grad school. I am persuing my masters in social work. Between going to school full time, family & friends, my job, and a 20+ hour/week internship, life gets crazy. What could be better than this chic black and white day designer to keep me sane and my days organized!? Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  29. I struggle to find a good balance between my work responsibilities and my home life. Although I use my phone to organize my/hubby’s/kid’s calendar, I find it hard to use technology for simple tasks and long term planning. Love the idea of returning to a paper calendar/organizer/task list. The plus would be I could live a more organized and stress-free life with my kids & hubby.

  30. This year is very busy, a little stressful but very excited. I’m finishing up my schooling, starting a Baby Planner business, getting married to the man of my dreams and best friend on the 4th of July this year and then the best part we are going to start trying to have a baby I would love to get back on track of being organized especially this year I’ve been bad using technology it just never seams to work I could really really use this Day Planner to change my life, get organized and be in control and make it a great year for me and my new family. Thank you for this opportunity.

  31. I am now on your email list and following you on instagram and twitter. (IG name is nancywander and twitter I’m avamom)

  32. As a fellow #girlboss like yourself, I have recently started my own business. What better way to stay organized than with the “day planner”. Having a planner like this will allow me to plan our marketing strategy for the year, events, etc but also stay organized with my top three to-dos for the day and an opportunity to write down a thought of the day, a best moment, or a peaceful reminder to be present.
    I have been following Whitney for quite some time and have always missed out on getting a planner.
    This planner would be an excellent way to keep me organized with the opening of our new blow-out bar 🙂
    Insta: LNORRIS

    LeAnn Norris

  33. I would love to win this planner to help juggle my busy schedule as a business owner, mother of two, member of the FRG, preschool has way more events I ever imagined, and just planning life. It’s so beautiful and I have been eyeballing it FOREVER. I am using her printouts right now!!

  34. Everyone’s life is busy! I’d love the day designer to help coordinate all the plates I currently have spinning. House work, 2 littles schedules, 2 jobs (one being my own business), and a blog to maintain. I write everything down and it seems like the act of writing things down and seeing them in my handwriting helps me remember them. I’d be honored to sport a day designer to help prep me for whatever life throws my way!

  35. I’m a new stay-at-home mom & learning the ropes of working from home for the first time. I definitely need something to motivate me into staying organized! I hear such wonderful things about the Day Designer; if it can’t get me together, nothing can!

  36. I need a planner to organize my photography business schedule! 🙂 I also need this to work on my new year’s resolution.. which is to stay organize and not procrastinate 🙂

  37. Hello!! As a sophomore college student I usually use Target planners but I often find myself after buying them i begin to use sticky notes to make lists and loose leaf paper to plan my schedule for the day. These usually get lost sometimes which does get frustrating but I still push and try. Recently I came across the Whitney English planner and loved it because it combined both things that I really need. I would really love this planner so that I can keep track of my work schedule, exams, assignments, and other personal needs. Thank you 😊

  38. I would love to win the Day Designer to help get my life more organized.. I am a WAHM, a full-time student, and a freelance Graphic Designer. With everything going on, I am in desperate need of a little organization to keep things on track.

  39. Great giveaway! I never win anything but I’ve been wanting one of these planners for ages so am giving it a go! I have a full time job, I freelance and I tun a lifestyle blog and.combined with day to day jobs and social activities I find it hard to keep trsck. I have a diary and a separste notebook for my blog but I really need a planner with everything in one place! Fingers crossed!

  40. OMG, what a coincidence! I was just thinking how badly I need a planner (and one as gorgeous as this one), considering I have a full time job and recently went back to school to train as a Health Coach. Not only would this be perfect to keep track of my schedule, but would also help me organize once I start getting clients. And if that’s not enough, for me happiness is scratching things off my to-do lists. ❤️

  41. Oh I’ve been wanting one so badly! And now with my little babe almost 2, and expecting twins in May, my life NEEDS some help getting organized!! I really hope I win, I need this in my life!

  42. I’m a stay at home mom of three. It’s been 2 years in the making but I am finally ready to start a side business as a Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant. I have no idea how I am going to do it all, but I knew I needed something else for me aside from being a Mom..,so I’m putting fear aside and going for it! There is so much to do and I would love a pretty place where I could organize it all. I’ve been admiring these planners for a while and this would be perfect! Thanks for the consideration! I am also following you on IG.

  43. I would love to win this day designer because I’m about to move across the country and begin a new job! My life is about to become crazy busy and having this cute planner would definitely help me out!

  44. I started a cookie business, my husband accepted a new job, and we relocated to another town. I’m also a mom of two girls and maybe a bunny. (My five year old requested for the idea of a pet bunny to undergo some consideration this morning.) o.O My whole life has changed, as well as my routine and schedules. I’d love to get my hand on one!

  45. I have wanted to write a food blog for as long as I can remember. As a college student, “I’m too broke” has been my excuse to get started. I decided that 2015 is going to be the year of NO excuses. I got my butt in gear and now I’m working 2 part time jobs so that I can pay for blogging essentials such as a domain, host, DSLR, etc. Working 2 jobs and being a dual business major is keeping me very busy, but I know I’m one step closer to where I want to be! I would LOVE this gorgeous planner to keep, well, everything in order – appointments, test dates, blog posts, birthdays, and so much more. Thank you for the generous giveaway!


    *followed you on instagram – kaitlinminich

  46. Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to get a day designer to help as I am a working mom who took on the responsibility of working at an inner city school this semester. This planner will help keep me organized while planning success for all my students.

    Thank you!

  47. I was so disappointed to find these were sold out everywhere (yes, I looked everywhere) when I stumbled across this gem earlier this month while searching for the perfect planner. I’ve been on the waiting list however the international shopping is so expensive. The day designer is exactly what I need to get my organised and

    1. I’ll try again..
      The day design is exactly what I need to ge my life organised. With my crazy schedule, I write a to do list out every day on a note pad and tick each task off as I complete it as it gives me a sense of achievement.


  48. I could really use a Day Designer to stay organized as a 6th grade teacher. From lesson planning to tutoring, I could use all the help I can get staying on top of everything…

  49. I NEED this planner! I’m a full time student as well as working full time as a teacher’s assistant. I’ve been searching for a planner that meets my needs and I’m so bummed that the Day Designer is sold out! I color-coordinate to stay organized; work is blue, school is red, appointments are green, etc.!

  50. I have been eyeing this planner for a while! When I tried to purchase it they were indeed sold out! Keeping my life organized is my top priority and resolution for this new year, as I felt completely overwhelmed with everything I had on my plate last year! I started a fashion blog, started going to a new university, changed my job, got a puppy, and I’m married at 22 trying to keep my marriage and apartment from becoming a mess! Handling all of this has definitely been challenging, and I feel like even though I had to-do lists on my phone or on pieces of paper, I kept forgetting to do everything! This planner seems like the perfect solution to keep track of my life – homework assignments, blog posts, errands, puppy vet appointments, events, cleaning, and friend dates!
    It will truly be a life saver!

    Something I have been trying To keep organized around the house is getting cute containers for everything! Having a place for everything and everything in its place is the best way to keep your head on track, and have things be more functional! I find that when the items are nice to look at, I use them more! So finding or making things that you actually like to keep organized is the best way to ensure you keep doing it day after day!

    1. Following on both Instagram & Twitter now! Your recipes look AMAZING! Looking through your Instagram made me so hungry! 😖💕

  51. I’m a sophomore in college and I just really need to get more organized. I tried to get one of these amazing day designs but they sold out. I’m a pre med student and I’m taking 18 hours right now. I couldn’t be more stressed out about my schedule. I just got an opportunity with a professor to assist her in research, so that’s even more being added to my plate. I praise God for everything that He has given me and I am so thankful! I think that by having a planner instead of using my phone, it would help me to become more organized!

  52. I would love❤️ a day designer . I have always been a paper person. I’ve be that person to create to- do lists, and
    Write in up coming appointments. Lately I have found that an old piece of paper
    Is turning into another to -do list. I have a to-do list for a to-do! It’s insane. This
    Planner would be very helpful for me to get organized and help me stay organized . I just got engaged and appointments are starting to come in, I would rather use a planner than my phone or continue using several to- do lists . This planner would come in handy.

    Thank you for the opportunity .

  53. I would love to win the Day Designer because I think the idea of shaping your day (designing😉) instead of letting the day shape you is a goal I’m working on everyday! My best organizational tip is to write it down – step by step – and then prioritize! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  54. I need a Day Designer because I am a freelance translator with so many deadlines and the relative translation reference, to-do-lists, personal appointments, ….
    Above all that, I love these Day Designer and I can’t find the exact words to define them: wonderful? Lovely? Practical? Complete? Gorgeous?
    Big hug,

  55. I would love this planner because between having ADHD, two small children, being a wife, working part time, going to school, and being a girl scout troop leader I have a lot on my plate. I have tried many things to stay organized but the only thing I found that works for me is being able to write it down. One piece of organization advice I have is if something is really important I make sure I write it on my bathroom mirror with dry erase maker. That way I have to see it before I leave the house.

  56. Hi, I could really use this planner because I am the mom of three kids that also works full time with no time for myself or for my husband.

  57. As a blogger, entrepreneur and single gal I always have something going on. I’d love to be able to keep track of my daily lists all in one place and not just tossed into my purse or pocket.

    P.S. I love your disqualification, that drives me crazy!!

  58. What a thoughtful give-away! I’ve always looked at super-organized people with admiration and awe, secretly thinking that I could never be that way. Now I am starting to believe that with the right process, tool and a sprinkle of self-discipline, I just might be able to be organized myself. The Day Planner is that process + tool!

  59. I would love to win this planner to get my life in order. As a mother to a 1 1/2 year old & pregnant with baby #2 due any day now. I’ve been trying to write down daily to do lists but I tend to misplace them. More than ever before I feel the need to be organized so that my life after baby 2 does not become chaotic. I’m juggling a toddler schedule & everyday stay at home wifely & mother duties as well as church ministry responsibilities. Reasons as to why I would appreciate this planner & it’s many organizational benefits.

  60. I love the Day Designer and really wish I would have learned about it before it sold out. I love the idea of recording your 3 gratitudes of the day and keeping track of both work and home. My organizing tip is to always schedule portent personal items as if they were as important as work events. That way you never miss a work out or a lunch.

  61. I’m always late and as my son gets older and the more commitments we have I would like to not hinder him with my lateness. So my hopes are to become more organized and more aware of time with this planner, :).

  62. I would love to win this organizer- the past year has been really tough for my family as my sister and I have been reworking our schedules to take care of two ill parents. You never realize how much being organized helps until you try to schedule chemo and dr appts and fit the everyday things in. I have found that by writing appts and schedules down it helps immensely! Now that most of the treatments are complete I am trying to apply this principle to everyday life as well 🙂

  63. This planner would help me out tremendously. I am single mother of two little boys as you can imagine I have a busy schedule. I work full time plus I am a full time student in college. With this planner it will help me stay organized with not only my schedule but it will help me with my kids’ schedules as well. This is what I need for 2015!!

  64. I work a full time job, I’m also a student, and have 5 online stores. I also have many events I attend during the year. I stay organized by getting my meals together for a month and preparing them on weekends.

  65. I write a daily number one thing to accomplish. I make it the one I want to do least to get it done and off my mind!

  66. Need this to organize my life. Full time graphic designer and mom of two beautiful kids keep me busy. I try to keep organize with my phone but I love writing down notes best and this organizer seems perfect for the job!

  67. I would love to have a Day Designer book. I am learning how to balance organizing my life between paper and technology. I think it has to be a combination of keeping files organized, lists up to date, and getting clutter out of the way on your computer and phone, your actual living and workspace, and your head. The best way to get my head decluttered is by writing lists and planning in a planner! 🙂

  68. Hello! Wishing you a lovely weekend from across the ocean. I live in The Canary Islands. I would love to win a Day Designer as I am just in the process of creating my own Blog. I have been a housewife for quite a long time and so I am now studying all things blogging & marketing, plus I really need to get a strict schedule into place (the “Manjana” thing can take over when you live here if you are not careful!) hence my entry to win one of the beautiful Day Designers which I have been eyeing up for a few months. I already have a Facebook page – Pepeloves – so you can see I’m not going to put your prize on Ebay. My new blog will be called Really Useful Girl. I have been lucky for a very talented French artist to agree to create my logo and once that us finished my new career will be up & running! Eeeeeek, beyond excited!! I shall follow you on all the social media as per your request. So now my fingers are well & truly crossed! Thank you! Julie Foster x

  69. I would love a Day Designer because it would help give me focus and allow me to organize my life and home. I just learned about it this month and love the idea behind it!

  70. I’ve been after a day designer for so long! I always make the mistake of buying the wrong agenda but after seeing this one I know it’ll be perfect to organize my life. As someone who suffers from anxiety I have difficulty balancing my time and get flustered very easily when there is a lot on my plate. I need the day designer to help me organize for my blog, my work life and my appointments. This will defenitly help improve my life!

  71. I don’t know if my last comment worked so here we go again…

    I would love this day planner! With three kids and 5 different schedules to keep track of it is so helpful to have it all in one place!

  72. I need a planner desperately! Between working full-time, interning, going to grad school and house hunting and job hunting (because I’m moving in 5 months and apparently didn’t have enough on my plate!) I desperately need to be organized. Having a beautiful planner that helps me do it would be all the better- it would put a smile on my face as I tackle the tasks ahead!

  73. I would love to have this to help me stay on top of my to do lists for work, for my wedding planning, for the selling of my house, for my move, for the junior league and for meal planning.

  74. I am in desperate need of organization. Between me, my husband and two toddlers I can’t get everyone’s schedules together!

  75. I would absolutely l❤ve to win this gorgeous planner. I’ve had my eye on it for several months! I am a full time employee, and college student and have very little free time on my hands- I currently use a regular day planner but it is COVERED in post-it notes because I can’t find one that has the capability to meet all my scheduling, listing, goal setting needs! those post-it’s are my sanity! Thank you for running such a fun giveaway. I look forward to following!!

  76. My goal this year is to become more efficient and organized with my finances and learn to be more responsible with money. I would love this notebook because I think it would help me get a full picture of the money I earn and spend.

    This year I have made it a priority to not put things off. Putting up clothes, washing dishes and tidying up as you go makes things more managae and has given more time to do the fun stuff!

  77. My little man is 3 months old and I just went back to work! Add in my non-profit volunteer and my attempt to start grad school again I could really use a fabulous way to keep myself organized! Btw I’m also going to take some inspiration from your desk

  78. Oh gosh, could I ever use this! I am TRYING to be more organized, but it is NOT my strong suit. With 3 kids and they’re crazy overlapping schedules, graduation coming fast, and trying to keep up all my online connections plus family and friends, this could be very helpful! I followed so I can see you in my reader regularly and I believe I will get emails as well. Do I need to also do the email follow separately?

  79. Hi! I’m a designer from Peru, I would love to get my hands in one Day Designer, it’s pretty hard to get that pretty and super useful organizers in Peru. Just quit my job to peruse my own business designing and this would really help a lot!
    Great vibe to all and good luck to all the cool designers around the world!
    Oh! Tip: don’t get stressed when trying to get organized, just make a simple list in a post it/notes and then make the final list in priority order. Then, just smile 🙂

  80. I think having a strategy and routine is the best way to stay organized. Being a new mommy I feel like I still have baby brain and making sure I take time to stick to my organizational routine helps. I think something like the day designer would really help this new mommy! 💃

  81. Hey Cecilia! My name is Emily, and I’m a very busy college student who needs more organization in her life! I currently attend Texas Tech U. full time, have two jobs, am president of our acapella club, and I’m planning to go greek this fall! I have been obsessed with the Day Designer for a while, but most of my income goes toward paying for school and bare necessities. Having this planner would be such a blessing!

    My tip: To do lists! There’s no better feeling to complete a long to-do list and know that you have been super productive that day! (Love that this planner comes with a built in to-do list section!)

  82. I’m a mom of 3 young children and I just recently volunteered to start up a women’s ministry at my church. So I have a feeling I’ll need to be even more organized than I already am (which isn’t much). 😉 I love your desk!

  83. Between being a homeschooling mom of five, a pilot’s wife and co leading a co-op class, my days are packed! It’s easy to get behind on things, or to miss special moments. I’d love a Day Designer to help bring some peace in the chaos!

  84. Hi! My tip for staying organized is preparing my things at night before I go to sleep for the next day. I’ll decide on breakfast, set aside my clothes, pack my bag, etc. It helps me to relax without staring at screens so I can fall asleep and also to feel great about starting my day!
    I’m falling you on Instagram too, and I would love this planner because it’s beautiful and besides staying organized, having cute notebooks, planners and supplies cheers me up when I’m working, like a little wink from the universe to keep going 🙂

  85. As a woman who just entered her 5th decade of life, it has become harder to remember all the things I need to get done. I am the queen of sticky notes and they are everywhere! Having all of my lists and notes in one place would be a life saver.

  86. I would so love to win this Day Designer. Right now most of my stuff is scribbled on post it notes all around my kitchen. Now that my daughter is in school, I feel like I need to be even more organized for her too. I can’t forget what she needs for what date, if she’s supposed to wear something for a theme day or even her doctor appointments. This planner may help me set up my day so I’m not running around looking at post its for where I’m supposed to be or what I need to be doing. I would love to take a few minutes for myself each day and plan better. I feel like it would reduce some of the stress and craziness!

  87. I’d like to win the Day Designer planner because I’m starting an independent study program and need a reliable planner to sort out my daily assignments and weekly meetings with my teachers. I also take college classes so having a planner to write out my exam dates would help immensely.

  88. I am a lawyer and have so many things to juggle and it’s so embarassing when I forgot to attend meetings and other events because I don’t have a good planner to help me parcel out my day hour by hour. I’m also sick of being called a flake by my friends because I double book dinners with friends because I don’t write things down. An amazing planner would help me out so much and I would truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️ My job and social life will thank you!

  89. I would love a Day Designer! Balancing work and school would be so much easier! Thanks so much for this fun giveaway!

  90. I love This planner!!! I will use this to plan my days as a soon to be a new mom and a working woman. Need to keep track of husband’s tasks too so this is absolutely perfect to keep everything straight 🙂

  91. Would love to win! I wanted to order one until they were sold out! I haven’t found a planner that has worked for me, and I have heard great things about The Day Planner! I would be so stoked to win!

  92. I need this planner. I am a new business woman balancing my full time job, part time job and working on starting my business. I have elderly parents I look after and this will help me balance my life I to one place to focus. . Also I’ve never won anything… EVER! So if I win something this would be great.

    Organizational tip I’d give out is to review your schedule before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning in. This way you can know what the game plan is for the day and adjust accordingly. Prioritize!

  93. What a generous and lovely giveaway! I’ve deemed 2015 the year of intention, because I want desperately to live intentionally, as best I’m able, in every area of my life. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect planner to help me through this organizational shifting the new year, but to no avail. I’ve heard great things about the Day Designer, and I’d love to put it to good use as I plot out writing a book, balancing life with two littles in tow, taking care of doula clients and managing our home and finances. This would be a sweet, sweet keeper of all things intentional! 🙂

  94. I would LOVE this planner! Right now i use a Lily one for my blog, upcoming wedding and work schedule but this one would help me be way more organized! Thanks for the oppurtunity! Following you on insta @brklynntrent

  95. I need the day designer because it’s killer system for daily scheduling & task management would revolutionize my world and bring a lot of peace into this working Momma’s life!!

  96. I am a career woman who is juggling both work, weekly travel that takes me across the U.S. as well as, a being a Mom to three boys. I know the Whitney English planner would have to manage both important jobs and keep me organized.

  97. I would absolutely LOVE this planner for the simple fact that the college life style boggles my mind. Life as a college student gets rough some of which can be handled by the super fab Day Designer Planner! Aside from being a Louisiana State University student, I’m a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Kappa Chapter at LSU! GO THETA! So I’m busy busy busy. The Day Designer Planner would forever complete my life💜💛 STAY ORGANIZED IN SCHOOL YOU GUYS! Homework creeps up!

  98. Found you on Instagram….you have a great site! These day designers look great. I’m an Executive Director for a nonprofit organiztion. We provide scholarships to low income single parents who are working hard to complete their degree. This would be a great tool to help me stay on top of things.

  99. I honestly don’t want this for myself. I am trying to win one for a very good friend. She is starting her wedding business and she has been wanting one for awhile. She works hard and I even Tryed the website to help buy her one out of a surprise but they are sold out everywhere! She deserves this in every which way and they are ABSOLUTLY PERFECT! This will help keep all her clientele on track, her appointments, her wedding day appointments… And I just want her to finally help get one of the most important things to get her going on her journey as a wedding planner!! I really hope you see this and see how badly I want to help her & her dreams.

    thank You!!!

  100. I Subscribed & Left A Comment On Instagram As Well! I Really Hope I Can Get This As A Surprise Gift for A Friend!!!! She Would LOVE This!!

  101. I would love the Whitney English day designer! My fiancée and I started a small business in the past few months and have been working hard to make it grow! We will get there slowly but surely 🙂 this would help my organization so much!

    Great giveaway!

  102. subscribed to your blog and followed you on Instagram. I also wrote a comment yesterday on how the planner would help me! Thank you for the consideration.

  103. Hi! Thanks for the chance!! I’ve been wishing for one of these for awhile! It’s hard to stay organized these days, I find that using my smart phone is too much trouble- I love writing it down and checking it off! As a shop owner on etsy, and holding down my “day job” I have to keep on top of it! I find that splitting my to do list into three categories helps me prioritize what’s important that minute: finish now, finish this week, and “eventually”. If not, I’ll have an ever long list where just looking at it makes me feel discouraged!! Thanks for the generosity!! Good luck everybody! I also followed you on insta as henrica88!!

  104. I am pursuing my dreams and in the process of starting an interior decorating business. I’m a huge procrastinator and this will help me to plan things out and get things done. There’s just something about checking things off a to do list! 🙂

  105. Classifying myself as an early 20’s newly developed dreamer. With a once structured lifestyle, creating the life I’ve always longed for is proving to be challenging. This day designer would represent more for me than a calendar filled with a checklist. A day designer would create possibility. Memories. Growth & experiences. I would love to have this creative piece as a symbol of endless love and laughter in my life. A memo and daily reminder that the sky is the limit and I can achieve all of my dreams and more.

    My favorite way to spice up my planners is to skip ahead to random dates & write quotes. Simple passages of wisdom and perspective.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be apart of this giveaway.


  106. I need the Day Designer to stay organized with my life! I’m a new grad nursing student, and have yet to take the boards, and this would greatly help me schedule time to study since I have to study independently now. And then later on it’ll help me schedule job interviews, and hopefully later this year my new job schedule!

    And it would help me remember important dates, past and future. I would love to look back at 2015 through this planner. Growing vintage like a fine wine makes it harder to remember the little or the big things, and this would be great for someone growing vintage like myself.

  107. I need a separate planner from my everyday planner to put what im putting into a journal and another planner I got out of the dollar bin at target into one…I’m bipolar and have to keep track of what I did or felt through the day as well as any other medical issues or appointments….I’m finding it hard to keep up with so many small books for my medical…when it could be in one…

  108. I’ve recently started a jewelry business, I work full time in Public Health, I have two kiddos, and am planning my wedding! Phew! This planning would be a game changer for me! Thank you so very much for the chance to win it 🙂

  109. I really need this so I can stay organized. I’m a disabled single mother that’s regaining my life again and learning me. I’m starting school this semester, have 2 little kids and want to open my own business this year. So I’m starting my entire life over in a successful direction and the day designer will be an awesome asset to keeping me on track. This is the perfect planner to not only keep me on task but also be my accountability planner because I can have everything in order and stay organized. In a nutshell this planner will be a game changer in my life so that is why I need this day designer. Thank you for having this and I’m following you on everything.

  110. I have never used planners in the past until this year – I purchased one from target then found out all the differently designed planners all over Instagram and have been wanting to upgrade to one that’s more detailed – and they’re all sold out! I love the layout of the Day Designer and the gratitude section is genius. 2015 for me is a year of change, a year of taking risks, and doing the things that terrify me most. I’m co-founding a blog with a bestie and would love to have one of these to help me get stuff done and part of my change is getting more organized. That’s why I want this! 🙂 Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!!

  111. I’m entering for my sister! She’s a single mom to twin three year olds and she’s trying to jump start an at home business making GORGEOUS felt crowns for toddlers. She suffers from severe anxiety and one of her triggers is disorganization. The Day Designer changed my life (I’m ADHD) and I want to win so that I can help to reduce her anxiety, keep her organized and hopefully push her business forward!

  112. Hi! I would love to get a Day Designer because it would definitely help me stay organized and get more accomplished since I am a full-time graduate student, work part-time, and am the Youth Ministry Director at my church. I’ve recently began using the Day Designer’s free daily printable and it’s amazing!

  113. I have a full time job that I like, but I’ve started a little baby print shop on the side because that’s what I LOVE. Its been more difficult than I anticipated it would be to keep track of schedules for both “jobs,” getting orders from the shop mailed out on time, finding time to create new products, as well as keeping up with custom orders! A planner like this one would be a TREMENDOUS help – I’ve been eyeing them ever since a friend got one and made me the most jealous friend ever 😉

    You’re so sweet to do this giveaway – excited for whoever wins!!

  114. As a mother of a 14 month old, with two additional jobs (a full time 9-5, and owning a small photgraphy business), and a husband who works nights, this planner would be loved and appreciated. It will filled with dr appts, play dates, work events, weddings, shoots, meal plans, and to do lists of the typical toddler mom. My trick being to color coordinate EVERYTHING with highlighters!!! Fingers crossed! 🙏

  115. After months of searching for the perfect planner for 2015 I came across the Day Designer! I am absolutely in LOVE with this planner! However, my friend, who is the only person I know who understands my love of having a paper planner instead of using your phone.. I just can’t do it…. NEEDS this planner as well! They are sold out and she just can’t find another one that lives up to The Day Designer! Her Birthday is coming up on Valentine’s Day and I would LOVE to be able to surprise her with this gift! She is literally one of the busiest people that I know! Between working, nanning her cousins, bible study, volleyball, girls dinners (the list goes on) I honestly have NO idea how she does it! This planner would be perfect for her to keep organized while also being able to focus on HER goals!

    My Trick for staying organized is literally writing everything in different color ink (pink is for workout class, green is for bills, blue is for dinner dates etc) it is so easy for me to glance at my planner and know exactly what I have each day.

    I have subscribed! Love the blog!! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome give away!!

  116. Following on Instagram! LOve all the foodie pics! Do you ever post recipes… they all look so amazing!!!! 🙂

  117. Hello,

    First off I would like to say THANK YOU for this opportunity 😘

    Secondly, I would use The Day Designer to basically get myself and my life organized. I love to stay organized and productive, but I have never found a planner that would perfectly meet my needs like DayDesigner would! Right now I find that I use sticky notes and have them on my person only if I am lucky, it makes for a mess of “organization”. I am going to be gettin married in July and I will be moving to another state, so with a new job hunt and a wedding to plan this would be the perfect time!

    Thank you again!


  118. I print out Whitney’s day designer daily pages that are free on her site and use those almost every single day. Makes me feel so accomplished to check things off and keep my day on track!

  119. I would love this planner. I need it to keep track of our daily comings and goings.
    I use to do lists to stay organized and a planner would really help me see my day to day.

  120. I will use it, because I really need it!! I have a fulltime job, a new (and my first) blog and so unbelieveable much ideas for more posts, maybe new blogs, things to do or to try…and I have my man – maybe, sometimes I forget him because of all the things in my head 😦
    I don’t have a good system – some things in a terrible office planner, some in outlook, some in the mobilephone and a lot of papers and notes everywhere. I have to change it – witj such a Day Designer!!! (p.s.: I’ll the shippingcosts, if you choose me)
    Warmly, Nadine

  121. I would like to win the day designer as it would really help me stay organized. I don’t own a computer as I have no money to purchase one and have to use the one at the library all the time. I also suffer from many chronic diseases which require multiple doctors appointments and this would help me keep track of all of those. Also, I have a very high pressure job that forces me to attend many meetings and events. My mother died many years ago and her dying wish was for me to become more organized. Please for the love of God, let me win this planner.

  122. I would love to win this organizer to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I’m a mother of three (8yrs old, 20 months, and my youngest is 7 months). I have just recently started a career in Real Estate and having this organizer would be very helpful to keep track of everything I have going.

  123. I need the day designer because I currently use a planner that is practically blank, and I manually add in the elements of the things I need that the Day Designer offers! It’s ghetto, I suppose, but it works since I couldn’t get my hands on one earlier! Each week I start by taking a ruler and pencil to my planner to “design” my week. It’d better great to NOT have to do that all year!

  124. I always use a paper planner but this year I thought I would go with my outlook calendar. I find that I’m already more unorganized than normal and I miss writing things down. There’s just something about the “old school” way of doing things like a hand written thank you note. I love to see my schedule written out in my handwriting (however messy it is!) and being able to check things off my list. I would love to have this day designer to help get back on track!

  125. I need this for my busy days. I just had my 2nd son & have been looking at these to manage my time as a wife, mother, & increasing productivity in my small business. Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  126. I need this planner to help me stay organized with school! I will be going to pharmacy school and this planner would be a big help and it’s too cute!!!

  127. I would love to have this planner! I am a full time student, studying to be a high school English teacher. I also work full time, and I’m a wife full time 🙂 This is the only planner I have found that covers all the bases I need! I actually went through the process of trying to buy one from someone personally, but they never delivered the product. Now, of course, everywhere is sold out!
    This planner would help me in so many way to juggle the three big parts of my life- family, school, and work. I appreciate the opportunity to win one!

  128. I’m a planner by day and a planner by night; both my day job and small business are planning oriented and having a Day Designer by my side would be so helpful! My #1 tip for staying organized is making (and sticking to!) To-Do lists, broken out by Day, Week, and Month!

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