Shakshuka: An Easy Weeknight Dinner

Do you ever come home at the end of a work day wishing for a hot meal but too tired to cook? I just came back from vacation, so my refrigerator is not fully stocked, and I’m still tired from traveling and fighting a persistent ear/sinus infection. The weather here has been grey and rainy, … Continue reading

Root Beer Braised Short Ribs

Sometimes things happen for a reason. It’s simple serendipity. I walked into the grocery store one afternoon to pick up one pineapple. I’ve been really into juicing lately. Pineapple, clementine, kale, and parsley juice has become an early morning ritual. After picking up the pineapple, I walked past the meat counter and waved at the … Continue reading

Salade Nicoise

Salad Nicoise is one of the dishes that I always enjoy. It is light, but filling. There is a variety of ingredients, so you are not bored when you are half way through eating your salad. My version is classic, except for one ingredient. I replace the steamed green beans with Dilly Beans. You can … Continue reading